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Religious Trauma Syndrome

Marlene Winell, Ph.D. author and Psychologist coined the term Religious Trauma Syndrome to describe the traumatic effects of being a high control religion and of escaping that religion.  References: Winell, M. (2016, July 13) Religious Trauma Syndrome. Journey Free. Retrieved from Winell, M. (2019) Understanding religious trauma syndrome. British association for Behavioral and CognitiveContinue reading “Religious Trauma Syndrome”

What is Positive Psychology?

There are many valid criticisms of the modern day mental health field. As a mental health counselor I can attest that we have the tendency to focus on the negative. We focus on the symptoms. We focus on the problems. We pathologize and label people. Is there any alternative? Yes. It’s called positive Psychology. PositiveContinue reading “What is Positive Psychology?”

Certified Teacher of Mindful Living

In her book “EXiting the JW Cult”, Bonnie Zieman  mentiones that a lot of XJW enjoy eastern philosophy and Buddhism.  At the time I read her book vehemently opposed to all religion including Buddhism.  I was very hurt and not willing to explore anything even remotely religious.  But in time that changed…

Codependency And Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses overcome all sort of unhealthy social ideas and habits. One of those unhealthy things is Codependency.  It’s something that was ingrained in us from an early age. Let’s explore what it is and what kind of impact it might be having in your life today.

XJWs what is your “locus of control”?

“Locus of control” refers to where an individuals control over their life comes from.  It relates to their ability to make changes in life.  Is control over your life internally generated?  Or is it reliant upon external forces?

Jehovah’s Witnesses & Rites Of Passage, Climbing The Hierarchy

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a complex culture that may be confusing to outsiders.  There are various rites of passages and a very structured and hierarchical system that exists within it.

Learned Helplessness

The subject of my honors research is Learned Helplessness.  This is a subject that is of interest to Jehovah’s Witnesses, active and former, because they too may experience Learned Helplessness.  Let’s discuss what helplessness is and why it might be affecting you.

Instant Friends, Just Add Water

I received an email from the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) that talked about how it can be difficult for former members of controlling religions to make friends.  It explained that when your in such a group the other members are automatically your friends and you don’t have to work on relationships.  This made meContinue reading “Instant Friends, Just Add Water”

Learning To Not Be Passive Anymore

So let me tell you a story about learning about myself post fundamentalism.   This story involves a former coworker I will call Kathy.  Let me say that Kathy was a competent worker and generally, I did not have a problem working with Kathy.  However… there were a few, shall we say, incidents involving Kathy thatContinue reading “Learning To Not Be Passive Anymore”