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The Effect of Environmental Noise on State Mindfulness

In 2018 for my applied research class I participated in a group research project. The subject of our research was the effect of environmental noise on state mindfulness. We hypothesised participants would perceive nature noises as stress reducing but urban noises as stress producing. We also hypothesised that this noise induced stress decrease would increaseContinue reading “The Effect of Environmental Noise on State Mindfulness”


In fall of 2019 I plan on assisting in research regarding D-Serine where we will administer D-serine and measure its effects on depressed mice. D-Serine is a non-essential amino acid with antipsychotic properties.  It was once thought that D-Serine only existed in bacteria how it has since been discovered in the human brain.  D-Serine isContinue reading “D-Serine”


In the spring of 2019 I will be assisting a fellow student with undergraduate research relating to Glucocorticoids.  Glucocorticoids are hormones created in the adrenal glands and that are known for their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. Glucocorticoids are a type of steroid  produced by the outer cortex of the adrenal glands.  A well known example ofContinue reading “Glucocorticoids”

What is Scientific Theory?

If you’re anything like me you were taught wildly inaccurate things regarding the nature of “theories”.  Similarly you might be familiar with the word “hypothesis” but not understand exactly what a hypothesis is.  Sometimes Fundamentalist religions deliberately cause confusion and mislead people regarding the terms.  Other times confusion arises from the words being used inContinue reading “What is Scientific Theory?”

Undergraduate Research

For the next three semesters I am going to be working on an undergraduate research research. The topic of my research is Learned Helplessness in mice.  What is Learned Helplessness you ask?  Its went an animal learns to become passive in the face of adversity.   Basically due to repeated exposure to some type of painContinue reading “Undergraduate Research”

Learned Helplessness

The subject of my honors research is Learned Helplessness.  This is a subject that is of interest to Jehovah’s Witnesses, active and former, because they too may experience Learned Helplessness.  Let’s discuss what helplessness is and why it might be affecting you.

First Workout At The Gym

I feel that the real value that my blog has to offer is openness and honesty.  So let’s talk honestly about me and exercise. Going to the gym is hard.  Real hard. When I’m there my brain just shuts down. I’m intimidated. I feel lost. I feel embarrassed. I feel like a little kid.  LetContinue reading “First Workout At The Gym”

I Explored School Psychology

In 2018 I went to a psych fair at school and there was a table there for their school psychology fair.  Now initially I thought that school psychology meant being a guidance counselor.  This is a common misconception.  School psychologists might engage in therapy with students and more commonly they screen children for Special Education. Continue reading “I Explored School Psychology”