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Working on my Interests

The time to apply for graduate school is approaching fast and I felt like I had a bit of dilemma on my hands. On one hand I want to research and be involved in helping other survivors of religions trauma. This interest stems from my own experience escaping the high control group known as Jehovah’sContinue reading “Working on my Interests”

Supporting others with empathic listening

. One of my goals is to train survivors of high control religions to be better able to support others survivors.  Learning empathic listening can go a long way in helping others.  I found this video that you may find useful. Like and share Like I have mentioned when we were in our high control religion weContinue reading “Supporting others with empathic listening”

Defining my areas of interest

So I’ve been doing a lot of work figuring out what my research interests are. I’m going to make a list of terms here: Learned helplessness Behavioral Depression HPA axis Social defeat stress Chronic social stress Dorsal rapha nucleus (drn) Bed nucleus of the stria terminals Central nucleus of the amygdala Basolateral nucleus of theContinue reading “Defining my areas of interest”

My History as a Jehovah’s Witness

Ryan aka “elryancito” was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is currently counselor that works in an intensive clinical group living environment which is a pilot program designed to help dually-diagnosed disabled individuals with recovery.  Ryan is also an undergraduate psychology student at Worcester State University. Ryan’s Parents and Grandparents were Jehovah’s Witnesses.  His grandfather found solace inContinue reading “My History as a Jehovah’s Witness”

ExJWs: What to avoid when Listening

When you are supporting a fellow XJW by listening there a few things that you should avoid.  Psychologist Dr. John Grohol describes 7 common phrases that tend to impede Active Listening. Avoid asking “Why?”. Asking “why?” might be a legitimate and sincere question. However it might make the other person defensive.  Can you think of time whereContinue reading “ExJWs: What to avoid when Listening”