The Effect of Environmental Noise on State Mindfulness

In 2018 for my applied research class I participated in a group research project. The subject of our research was the effect of environmental noise on state mindfulness. We hypothesised participants would perceive nature noises as stress reducing but urban noises as stress producing. We also hypothesised that this noise induced stress decrease would increaseContinue reading “The Effect of Environmental Noise on State Mindfulness”

Being Kind to Yourself

Jehovah’s Witnesses taught us that “being kind to yourself” was wrong. They taught that it was a worldly concept. They teach that good people “pummel” their bodies and that they should treat themselves like “a slave”. They say that our hearts are treacherous and that we should not listen to our metaphorical heart.

What is Yoga?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are opposed to Yoga considering it a Demonic practice.  Because of this, I’ve always view Yoga and similar practices with skepticism. In early 2018 I watched the entire course on Yoga from “The great courses” which can also be purchased on DVD and found on Amazon. After watching I had an entirely newContinue reading “What is Yoga?”

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