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Honors Application

So way back in late November, I learned about the Honors program at school. In the Honors program, you conduct original research and present at a conference. I’m told this is good experience and that it will help me get into a graduate program.  So I said sign me up.

Turns out this is the first year the school is offering to start the honors research in the spring.  Typically its something that would happen in the fall.  The catch was that they posted information shortly before the application for honors was due.

So I spoke with my advisor and they said they would extend the deadline.  So I submitted my application before the extended deadline.  Apparently, my application needed to be electronically written (they gave me a paper application to fill).  In addition, they want more information about my ideas than what I gave.

So that brings us to today.  Yes, I am still working on the application today.  I wrote to my advisor a few days ago and she gave me more specifics about what I need to add to the application and she gave me the digital copy of the application.

And of course, I’m sick with the flu (or something) while I sit here working on this.  I feel like I should insert some sort of witty quote about enduring and achieving our goals but I got nothing.


Published by Ryan David Tuttle, M.A.; Cognitive Behaviorist & Educator

Ryan has a masters degree in Psychology specializing in Animal Behavior and Cognition. Ryan has dedicated his life to understanding the remarkable intelligence and cognitive abilities of animals. As the owner of CogniCreatures, Ryan combines his expertise in animal behavior with his love for education and community building. Through CogniCreatures, Ryan aims to foster a deeper appreciation for animals, promote responsible practices in animal care and breeding, and create a platform where enthusiasts, researchers, and curious minds can come together to explore the captivating world of animals. Join Ryan on this exciting journey as we unlock the mysteries of the animal kingdom and celebrate the extraordinary creatures we share our planet with.

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