Support ExJWs with Active Listening

With the growing community of ExJWs online, we need to support each other through some of the most challenging personal situations. One way that we can support each other is by being active listeners. Your job as a listener is to build rapport, understanding, and trust. As JWs, we were accustomed to telling others whatContinue reading “Support ExJWs with Active Listening”

Love Yourself and Others

As we grow we develop ideas about who we are, who others are, and what the world is like.  The collection of values and beliefs that we have about life called our world view.  Our world view affects how we treat others and how we live our lives.  Waking up from Jehovah’s Witnesses typically meansContinue reading “Love Yourself and Others”

Three New Support Groups for XJWs

Good Morning Everyone. I have created three new support groups which I will be facilitating. ExJWs: Learning and Growing Here I will be sharing psych articles that promote growing and moving forward. I am writing many articles specifically for ExJWs. I encourage other people to share personal achievements or other information they have foundContinue reading “Three New Support Groups for XJWs”

Making Changes With Journaling

When I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I felt stuck. I wanted to achieve things in my life and I wasn’t able to. This led me to be very depressed. Now, this was partly because of the limiting rules of the Witnesses and the harsh consequences for not following them. However even after leaving theContinue reading “Making Changes With Journaling”

Instant Friends, Just Add Water

I received an email from the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) that talked about how it can be difficult for former members of controlling religions to make friends.  It explained that when your in such a group the other members are automatically your friends and you don’t have to work on relationships.  This made meContinue reading “Instant Friends, Just Add Water”

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