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Learned Helplessness

The subject of my honors research is Learned Helplessness.  This is a subject that is of interest to Jehovah’s Witnesses, active and former, because they too may experience Learned Helplessness.  Let’s discuss what helplessness is and why it might be affecting you.

First Workout At The Gym

I feel that the real value that my blog has to offer is openness and honesty.  So let’s talk honestly about me and exercise. Going to the gym is hard.  Real hard. When I’m there my brain just shuts down. I’m intimidated. I feel lost. I feel embarrassed. I feel like a little kid.  LetContinue reading “First Workout At The Gym”

Honors Research

For the next two semesters I am going to be working on an undergrad research project that I am going to design and work on.  I guess next semester I will even be presenting at a psychology conference somewhere.  The topic of my research is Learned Helplessness in mice.  What is Learned Helplessness you ask?  ItsContinue reading “Honors Research”